PTA Committee Descriptions:

Committee Chairs are responsible for developing the committee agenda and gaining approval from PTA executive board, circulates meeting notes to the PTA executive board with 48 hours of the meeting, and coordinates committee members activities to maximize opportunities.


  • Help families in need as suggested by the teachers and staff.
  • Send cards or baskets for community members who have suffered a tragedy or illness or are celebrating a birthday or a family addition.
  • Coordinate the donations and assembly of Thanksgiving baskets and Winter holiday gifts for families in need.
  • Set up the volunteer thank you breakfast, staff appreciation week events.

Events planning

  • Utilize event planning sheet to ensure proper protocol.
  • Plan the event and submit a budget to the PTA for approval.
  • Solicit volunteers to run the events.
  • Designate a director for each event who is in charge of set up, volunteer coordination, clean up and reconciling the budget.


  • Plans and runs community open houses and school information night.
  • Submits articles to the Hill Rag.
  • Posts information to the Maury website.
  • Works to keep the entire Maury community informed about what is happening at Maury.


  • Focuses on internal relations between the PTA, the administration and the school body.
  • Conducts beginning of the year membership drives at school functions and within the classroom.
  • Sets up and coordinates classroom parents, listservs, directories and other communication tools.
  • Ensures monthly reminders are sent out for PTA meetings.
  • Runs contests and other events to boost PTA membership and/or participation.

School Improvement

  • Focus is on student safety and wellness.
  • Coordinates greening and recycling efforts.
  • Supports the physical improvement efforts on behalf of the school community.
  • Ensures protocols are in place to secure and improve student safety.
  • Pursues opportunities to bring health and wellness programs into the school.

Academic Support

  • Provides PTA support and acts as a conduit with the LSAT with a special emphasis on the testing grades.
  • Collects information from the PTA body regarding needs within the classroom and submits to the LSAT for discussion.
  • Works with LSAT to provide financial and volunteer resources to pursue academic enrichment opportunities.
  • Oversees the PTA aid program for the testing grades.
  • Coordinates Power Hour and other tutoring programs.

Grants Committee

  • Researches, coordinates and secures program funding from outside sources.
  • Works with committee chairs to determine program needs and then finds grant sources for funding.
  • Coordinates school resources to ensure proper production of grant proposals.
  • Ensures proper collection of income and allocation for the appropriate uses as stated in the grant guidelines.


  • Coordinates community fundraising efforts with the PTA.
  • Implements school fundraising drives (i.e. Sally Foster, Joe Corbi)
  • Works with events committee to maximize fundraising opportunities at designated events.
  • Coordinates donations and supporters for yearly major auction fundraising event.
  • Runs the fall yard sale.


Review and analyze financial records twice a year and report findings to the body.


Reviews bylaws and suggests edits or updates to ensure they are relevant to the goals of the PTA. Stays informed on national and state PTA mandates regarding bylaws.

Room Parents

Be the communication link between teacher and parents. Coordinate class parties and class participation in school-wide events.

Middle Schools

Develop relationships within Maury’s feeder middle school to create a smooth transition for Ward 6 students.