Special Subjects

Maury classroom and special-subject teachers are responsible for designing and implementing learning activities to reinforce and challenge students of varying abilities through small and whole group instruction. They nurture critical thinking, promote the value of personal and civic responsibility, and foster positive social interaction. The curriculum itself offers opportunities to develop positive self-esteem, responsible personal conduct, cooperative citizenship, and an appreciation of the rich heritage of our multicultural society.

Science/Think Tank — Amanda Mentzer

Maury offers students a weekly science and exploratory learning special. A goal of science education is to teach students the fundamental concepts of the earth, space, life, and physical sciences and the connections across these domains.  Our newest addition, the Inquiry Learning Lab (Think Tank), will further propel our students’ depth in understanding through the execution and completion of problem-based projects.

 Art — Ms. Lauren Bomba

Maury is committed to seeing that our students receive a holistic art education. Through arts integrated lessons in the classroom, to weekly visits to Maury’s authentic art studio–equipped with a kiln for firing ceramics, diverse art materials, and large tables with stools to replicate the environment of many working artists–art at Maury is a creative, challenging, and reflective experience for students. Children’s artwork is exhibited throughout the school regularly. Our 4th and 5th graders participate in Art Around the Corner, a unique partnership with the National Gallery of Art. Field trips to local art studios and museums, live, in-house displays by visual and performing artists, as well as the opportunity to participate in city-wide art initiatives enhance the art experience for our young students.

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Library/Media Center — Mr. Linda Cadiz Marks

Every student in Preschool to fifth grade has a scheduled Library/Media Center period. Students select appropriate books from a well-stocked library. Students may also use computers to search for information on the Internet. All students and their families may check out books both in class and during out of school times that the librarian makes available.

 Music — Mr. Nathaniel Rogers

All Maury students have the opportunity to participate in music once a week. The music program at Maury is dedicated to providing students with an opportunity to experience both vocal and instrumental music, while teaching students how to listen, analyze, and evaluate music. Students will begin studies in music theory and music history, and will have the opportunity to learn about the connections between music and other subjects, cultures, and performing arts.

Band is available to 4th and 5th grade students in a small group lesson format. Chorus is offered to all Maury students in grades Kindergarten through five.


Physical Education — Ms. Lindsay Raymond

All Maury students are engaged in weekly health and physical education instruction. Students are also encouraged to engage in rigorous organized physical activities in and out of the classroom during the school day through our classes, intramural activities and aftercare. Maury features a large multi-purpose room, an outdoor blacktop, a basketball court, and two age-differentiated playground structures. Balls, ropes, and other equipment are made available to foster physical activity and play.

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All classrooms at Maury have computers which teachers systematically integrate into many aspects of instruction across disciplines. All kindergarten through 5th grade students have an account with First in Math.  The librarian will also teach a technology class in grades 1-5.

Extracurricular Activities

Maury also offers a range of extra-curricular opportunities. Extracurricular enrichment offerings include chess, band, choir, theater, cub scouts, girl scouts, arts clubs, book clubs. Athletics and wellness programs include basketball, soccer, tennis, Tae Kwon Do, Ski Club. Many of these offerings differ by grade level. Some are offered during school hours as part of the regular school day (e.g. chess, art/book clubs) but most are offered after school (see Aftercare tab).