Student Support


Maury’s on-site social worker provides:

  • Developmental guidance lessons
  • Small group lunch clubs
  • Crisis intervention for students and families
  • Coordination of screening and referral process to identify students for special services
  • On-going counseling for students and parents in need
  • Test coordination

ELL (English Language Learners)

The ELL program teaches English to non-native speakers by working closely with the child’s teacher. The children are drawn from their regular classes to conduct language activities with a designated ELL teacher from the DCPS Office of Bilingual Education for one to two hours a week, depending on language proficiency and grade level.

Referral Process for Special Needs

DC Public Schools are required to evaluate and provide, when appropriate, services for children with special needs. These range from physical and emotional disabilities, to learning disabilities (mild to severe), and speech and language challenges. Services include specialized instruction, counseling, speech and language therapy, and psycho-educational evaluations. Contact either a classroom teacher, Maury’s social worker, or the Special Education Coordinator/Psychologist if you need further information.

Special Education

Each student who qualifies for special education services will have an Individualized Education Program (IEP), developed by a team of professionals, which states educational goals and objectives; describes learning needs and abilities; and lists the needed related services. In accordance with the IEP, a student is included in the regular education program to the maximum extent possible, participating in “pull-out” services and/or inclusion as appropriate.