Latest News on Modernization

The Maury Elementary School buildings will undergo renovation from January 2018 through August 2019.

Maury Village @ Eliot-Hine will be completed by November 30. The complex will have some interior walkways, covered exterior walkways, and possibly an open deck that could be used as a teachers lounge or outdoor classroom. (See current swing space concept design.) Drop off/pickup procedures are under review.

Help needed with packing/unpacking/coordinating movers. The move will happen in three phases: December 1, weekend of December 16–17, and a final move December 27–29; if you can spare a few hours, please sign up to be a move coordinator. In addition, there are several teachers who don’t have room parents, and really could use some assistance. If you can help, please contact Mr. Koontz.

Students will tour Maury Village on December 11. Each class will take a field trip over to Maury Village and walk through their new space. Open houses will be scheduled for parents in December.

No school on January 3; day camp available. Maury students will have an additional day of winter break on January 3 so teachers can set up their new classrooms; classes will start at Maury Village on Thursday, January 4. Grade 5 families will be hosting a day camp on January 3 as a Space Camp fundraiser! Full-day and part-day camp options available—please register by December 20; drop-ins will incur an additional $5 fee. (Camp Shenanigans is also offering a camp for Maury on January 3.) Additional details on the move will be shared as soon as we have them.

Daily schedule may change. Because Maury Village will be sharing space with Eliot-Hine, our daily schedule may be slightly earlier/later to accommodate the inflow and outflow of students on site. A revised daily schedule and drop off/pick up procedures will be shared closer to our move date (subject to change).

Walking schoolbus. Groups of 5–10 families are forming “walking schoolbuses” to get to Maury Village. Under this model, the parents of one or two families escort all of the families’ children to and from school one day a week, limiting the daily impact of the new commute on families. For more information, contact Amber Gove.

Current design concept for renovated Maury. Architects are tweaking the current design concept (Option 4) based on SIT/community feedback.