Helena Payne Chauvenet, Principal

Helena Payne Chauvenet (pronounced sho-vuh-NAY) became Principal at Maury in 2018. She began her career in education in 2006 teaching Grade 7 U.S. History at George Washington Middle School in Alexandria, Virginia, where she taught for three years before transitioning to teach U.S. History, Civics, and Economics at Francis Hammond Middle School. Two years later, she became an assistant principal at Jefferson-Houston PK–8 School, where she served for four years. In 2015, Ms. Payne Chauvenet joined DCPS as Assistant Principal at Janney Elementary School where in 2017, students increased proficiency by 15 percent to gain the top ELA PARCC score in DCPS, and the 4th highest in Math. She believes that the most important first steps to move a school toward proficiency are creating a common vision for what a school should be, and identifying strengths and challenges that create barriers to higher achievement. Ms. Payne Chauvenet holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame.

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