Lauren Falls | Health / PE

Lauren Falls joined Maury in 2018 as the Health and Physical Education teacher. Ms. Falls had previously worked in DCPS at the high school level. While teaching high school, she also served as a coach and an assistant coach for several sports, including basketball, soccer, golf, and flag football. Ms. Falls holds a Bachelor of […]

Timothy Muha | Health / PE

Timothy Muha joined Maury and DCPS in 2020, having seven years prior experience teaching Physical Education. He loves teaching physical education and sharing his passion for sport and fitness with students. Mr. Muha was born and raised in Vienna, Virginia, and has called the DMV home his whole life. He attended The Catholic University of […]

Winter Olympics Wrap Up

We swear that we will take part in the Olympic Games in fair competition, respecting the regulations which govern them and with the desire to participate in the true spirit of sportmanship for the honour of our country and for the glory of sp…