Special Subjects


Art at Maury is designed to broaden a student’s context of the world around them. Authentic thematic units broach topics such as advocacy, environment, community, and individuality. All Maury students visit the art studio once a week where they are introduced to a variety of media, including clay, printmaking, sculpture and painting. Art at Maury is taught as a rigorous and engaging subject that combines the visual arts with content from academic classes such as history, literature, math and science. Through a variety of city-wide partnerships, students also have the opportunity to enhance their art education via dance, music, theater, and museum excursions.

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Health and Physical Education

All Maury students have weekly health and physical education classes. The curriculum includes a balance of skills, concepts, and cooperative game activities, as well as movement, rhythm, and dance to enhance the cognitive, motor, affective and physical fitness development of every child. Classes are designed so that all children are involved in activities that allow them to remain continuously active. Balls, ropes, and other equipment are available to foster physical activity and play during recess and before/after school. In addition, Maury encourages physical fitness year-round with special events like Walk to School Day and Family Fitness Night in October, Bike to School Day in May, and Field Day in June.

Library/Media Center

Every Maury student has a scheduled Library/Media Center period. Students select appropriate books from a well-stocked library, and may also use computers to search for information on the Internet. All students may check out books during class; students and their families may also check out books during special out-of-school times as made available by the librarian. Book Fairs in the Spring and Fall raise money to help update and expand the library’s collections.

Technology. All classes at Maury have access to computers that teachers systematically integrate into many aspects of instruction across disciplines. For Grades 1–5, the librarian incorporates technology lessons into the curriculum. All Kindergarten through Grade 5 students have an account with First in Math, an online program that encourages students to supplement their math learning through games and activities, and helps build technology skills. In addition, students have access to I-Ready math lessons online that support individual student paths to accelerate learning.


All Maury students participate in music once a week. The music program at Maury is based on a combination of the Orff-Schulwerk and Kodály approaches to music education. Students experience music through movement, speech, body percussion, singing, and instruments with special focus on music literacy and improvisation. There are two evening music events: the

Winter Showcase in December and the Spring Showcase in May, which are performances by Choir and Orff Ensemble—extracurricular music activities available to students Grades 3–5 that meet before school.

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Science (Think Tank)

Maury’s science lab—better known as Think Tank—works to deepen students’ understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through the execution and completion of problem-based projects. We teach students the fundamental concepts of the earth, space, life, and physical sciences. The structure of Think Tank emphasizes the connections across these domains, given that much of the scientific work draws on multiple disciplines. Students learn to gather and evaluate information, identify patterns, and devise and test possible explanations about what they are learning, fostering independence and critical thinking skills. Each year in April, Think Tank hosts a hugely popular STEM expo event that features a wide variety of exhibitors and activities in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. Follow ThinkTank on Twitter.

World Language (Spanish — new for school year 2021-2022!)

In the spring of 2021, our school community voted on the next language of instruction after the retirement of Ms. Qing Wang, who taught Mandarin Chinese for many years. The most popular vote in all categories — students, staff, and families — was for students to learn the Spanish language. In weekly world language classes, students will learn vocabulary, conversational phrases, and songs to help them begin early language skills in Spanish. Rather than the goal of fluency, we aim to provide students exposure to the Spanish language and the many cultures that speak Spanish across the world!