Move to Eliot-Hine

The Maury Elementary School buildings will undergo renovation from January 2018 through August 2019. During the renovation, Maury will be housed in trailers on the Eliot-Hine Middle School campus (a.k.a. “swing space”) at 1830 Constitution Avenue NE. Students will begin 2018 at our new location, Maury Village @ Eliot-Hine.

Move Schedule

The move will happen in three phases:

Phase 1: Friday, December 1. Much of the admin office materials will be moved in this phase.

Phase 2: Saturday, December 16 and Sunday, December 17. We hope to get the bulk of the move done in this phase, including the fragile items like musical instruments, etc. If you can assist with moving fragile items, please contact Kenyon Weaver.

If you can spare a few hours for Phases 1 or 2, please sign up to be a move coordinator.

Phase 3: December 27–29 (one or more days)

Unpacking. Maury Village will be open January 1–3, 2018 for unpacking. Room parents will coordinate classroom packing/unpacking (see below); please contact Kenyon Weaver if you can help unpack the administration offices.

Move help for teachers. Be on the lookout for messages from room parents who will be coordinating classroom move details for teachers. In addition, there are several teachers who don’t have room parents, and really could use some assistance. If you can help, please contact Kenyon Weaver.

No school on January 3. Classes will begin at Maury Village @ Eliot-Hine on Thursday, January 4, 2018. For January 3, the Grade 5 families will be hosting a day camp as a Space Camp fundraiser! Full-day and part-day camp options available—please register by December 20; drop-ins will incur an additional $5 fee. In addition, Camp Shenanigans is offering a camp for Maury on January 3.

Additional move details will be shared as soon as we have them! Please also keep an eye out for announcements on how families can support teachers and staff during this time.