Kim Wright-Spurlock | PK4

Kim Wright-Spurlock has been teaching at Maury since 1995 and teaching pre-K 4 since 2001. “What I like most like about teaching is watching children when they get it—that ‘aha!’ moment is priceless. Knowing that you have touched a person’s life by helping them become educated in different areas is very inspirational.” Ms. Wright-Spurlock is […]

Maria Cali

Maria Cali | 5th Grade

Math/Science/Social Studies Maria Cali joined the Maury team as a 5th grade Math/Science/Social Studies teacher in 2020. Ms. Cali grew up in the Boston area, and received her B.A. in Sociology from Vassar College. She finished her M.Ed in Elementary Education at Vanderbilt University in 2020. Along with education, she is passionate about food justice […]

Kathryn Jondal | 5th Grade

Reading / Writing Kathryn (“Katie”) Jondal has been teaching 5th grade ELA at Maury since 2019. She began her career at Maury as a kindergarten aide while pursuing her Master of Arts in Teaching from Johns Hopkins University, which she received in 2020. Ms. Jondal grew up outside the Twin Cities in Minnesota. She attended […]

Timothy Muha | Health / PE

Timothy Muha joined Maury and DCPS in 2020, having seven years prior experience teaching Physical Education. He loves teaching physical education and sharing his passion for sport and fitness with students. Mr. Muha was born and raised in Vienna, Virginia, and has called the DMV home his whole life. He attended The Catholic University of […]