Social Emotional Learning – Equity – Personalized Learning

Dear Maury Families,

Welcome to school year 2020-2021 at Maury Elementary School! Although we will begin this year on computers learning at home, we hope that the joyful spirit of our community remains strong. We begin the year under the social distancing restrictions of Covid-19, but we will continue to include the in-person procedures in this handbook in case we are able to return to normalcy. We have also included a virtual learning update that is relevant through the first term of the year (August 31-November 6) or until we resume in-person classes. Should we return in a hybrid format (a mix of virtual and in-person learning), another update will be provided to families.

We have Five Stances at Maury that ring truer than ever: empathy, optimism, flexibility, persistence and resilience. We will start the year with a renewed commitment to our Five Stances as we work toward our school priorities of social-emotional learning, equity and high-quality academics.

The family handbook is your resource for all major facets of life at Maury. Supplemented by our website, the handbook communicates our values, policies and scheduled events to keep you informed. Please read this handbook carefully and share it with your children. We will also maintain regular communication with you via Tuesday flyers, principal’s updates and teacher newsletters.

This will be an unforgettable year no matter what, but we know that it can be joyful and full of learning. Please reach out if you need anything and welcome!


Helena Payne Chauvenet, Principal
Taeneress Griffin, Assistant Principal